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Friday, October 30, 2009

Cinema Secrets Haul and other stuff!

Because I am crazy and I am addicted to make up, I dragged my butt all the way to Quezon Ave. (I live in Paranaque, for those residing outside Manila, Paranaque is down south while Quezon ave is all the way up north, in other words IT IS FAR!!) to go to the Cinema Secrets showroom. I have long believed in the staying power of Cinema Secrets Ultimate Cream Foundation.

It was approximately 12 years ago that I stepped foot in the Cinema Secrets Showroom, I was 12 and I was there to accompany my aunt. We had been going around the metro to look for body make-up. See, she was an actress back then and her skin is white as milk. The directors of the movie and her role needed her to be tanned. After hours going in and out of cosmetic stalls in malls, we ended up in cinema secrets. There she didn't just haul, she HOARDED LIKE CRAZY! It is up to this day the biggest hoard I have ever witnessed with my presence. She bought sooo much it was crazy! If I remember correctly she had bought like 40 pieces of ultimate foundation in different colors. Her total bill? PHP30,000 (approximately $600USD) and that was back in 1999! Cinema Secrets was way cheaper then than what it is worth now. It was crazy!

A few years later I was in college, I stumbled on my aunt's make up (whom by that time was no longer active in show business and had stored all of her things in our spare house next door) and found 1 full sized cinema secrets pot. I swatched the product under my eye and was amazed its pigmentation. Since then it was my ultimate everyday essential. I was a sophomore in college and didn't really have a make-up craze unlike now. The pot lasted me more than a year! I was impressed. When time came I needed a new pot, I decided to check the kiosk but *sigh* too much that I could afford with my college girl allowance (I wasn't make up crazy then so I relied on free make up i.e pasalubong clinique promo bags hehe) because I couldn't afford it, I opted for VOV which was okay too. :)

Years later I was reunited with Cinema Secrets when I purchased the concealer palette in kit #2 from Maui. It's now my HG concealer, I'm just sad that the casing gave up on me and now I keep it protected using a rubber band and stored in a ziplock.

Now that I start make up school next Saturday, my biggest worry out of all was having a variation of foundation shades for all skin tones. And because now I'm practically broke from the fees and the make up crazy things I have been purchasing, my wonderful and beautiful supportive mother has been generous enough to lend me money for the make up I need for school. Like what she says, it's your investment anyway (so let's forget about the time she bought me figure skates because i wanted to be a skater but i lasted only 1 competition or the time I said i'll self study violin and be the greatest so she bought me a violin and for a year now I only know 1/4th of twinkle twinkle little star ! ---ERASE MEMORY-- ). I am serious this time. Promise :)

So I excitedly went to the Cinema Secrets showroom in Quezon Avenue to check out the foundies. I decided to go to the showroom and not the mall so that I could see the whole spectrum of shades and just stay there and play. Haha Also, they have lots of items that go on sale too in the showroom! And I LOVE SALES! You just have to look carefully and inspect the product you're getting. So because I wanted more for my money, I got the ones on sale. And here they are :)

Without Flash
With FlashAll the shades are from the 500 series and from the website, it is described as an extended series for caucasian skin, 500 Series have a light pink to pink beige and mixture of deeper pink and coral beige tones.

Sounds odd I know, but i tried the yellow undertone series the ones meant for Asian skin, it was just too light for me. All the shades for that are mean for fair chinese girls. The shades I got were perfect and easily blended on my face. Photos were taken after I had sanitized each pot.

Shades from Left to right:

Here are the swatches accordingly:

Without Flash
With Flash

So I got these shades so I can just mix and match for school and on people with skintones that have no match. I also bought the cinema secrets moisture spray for the purpose of mixing different shades together. Excited! I am excited!! :)

So while I was enjoying my time at the showroom, my best friend Ivan came by waited till I finished and we headed to Camp Suki to choose his costume for Halloween. That place is insane, It has all the costumes you need! And since his uncle is Lito Perez, the owner and designer of the place it was even more fun choosing and playing around with the costumes. We had a good laugh, check me out in a Thai dancing budha head gear.

And finally yayyy!! I am enrolled in Artistic Make up at LCI with Maui. :)

Picture taken from Maui's Blog :)

Classes start next week. It is gonna be sooo much fun! :)

Okay so that was my crazy day. Halloween tomorrow although it's signal number 2 right now in Metro Manila. I do hope this goes away by tomorrow leaving the Philippines with no harm.

It's goodnight in this part of the world.

Toodles! :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My halloween vampire-ish/gothic look!

Hurray!! Tonight I've decided my halloween look. I have finally decided to go as a Vampire. I copied this look of Michelle Phan's Seductive Vampire tutorial.

Here it is, I couldn't choose one pic so here are the cam whoring images of me:

The idea of the look is to be as pale as possible, since vampires are well pale and colorless. But this was sort of a challenge for me since I am very morena or dark skinned. In order for me not to look dead (uncanny since vampires are dead haha) meaning like a corpse, I had to find a way to just make my face lighter without looking like a corpse or end up with the "espasol" face.

What I used:

Ever Bilena foundation in Beige and Oriental (mixed and applied with a stipling brush)
Dollface 6 contour palette: white to set under eye and yellow powder to set rest of face.
By this time my face was WHITE like crazy. To tone it down i brushed on a nude shimmer eye shadow from the 28 palette arpund my face to soften the look.

Using a stipling brush I applied Smashbox Fusion Soft lights in Intermix on the hollow of my cheeks.

Dark Wine Brown, Dark Matte Brown and Black from the 28 Neutral Palette.
Avon Black liner pencil
Clinique High Impact Mascara

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in 21 Brun Vibrant
Sephora Lip Gloss in 07

So now that I have this look, I have to buy white contact lenses, fangs and a dress!! Aaack! So that will have to be accomplished tomorrow with Maui! Must not go home unless the whole look is complete!!! Hehe

Oh my mom walks in my room as i was cam whoring these pictures and gives me that wide eyed look and says "wow it's very halloween-y". I smiled and said "It's my vampire look" hahaha

Do you guys have your halloween looks ready yet? What are you guys cooking up? :)

Toodles!! :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Craft Store Brushes for less than PHP50!

Last week I dropped by the closest National Book Store to buy bubble film. As usual I ended up buying things that I didn't even need. I ended up in the paintbrush section and I bought 2 brushes to use as make up brushes. I had a hard time choosing but I was happy with my choices.

Top: Pentel Brush in 0 which i bought for a Lip Brush alternative (only PHP38!!)
Bottom: Berkeley brush in 000 the thinest for an eye liner brush alternative (only PHP25!!!!)

Eye liner swatch using Berkeley Brush
Lipstick swatch using Pentel Brush

Pentel Brush used as lip brush

The brush is actually surprisingly smooth. It is made of some animal hair and kind of felt scratchy at first, but once lipstick is swatched with the brush, it easily follows and applies well on lips.

Berkeley brush used as eye line brush

I found my new eye liner brush! This brush is so nice and easy to use. The eye liner shown above on my eye was just 2 easy sweeps with the berkeley brush. I love it!

These craft store paint brushes are great alternatives for make up brushes and they are definitely worth every buck! They are cheap and very functional.

Here are a few things to remember when choosing paint brushes as make up brushes:

1. Make sure that the brush is soft on your skin and won't scratch the surface of your skin.
2. Wash and sanitize the brushes before using them once they have been purchased.
3. In order not to impulse buy, know what purpose the brush will be for.

I really can't wait to go back to National Book Store to check out more brushes, i'll probably go for a concealer brush this time! :)

Toodles! :)

Suesh vs. Ellana Flat Top Brush Comparisson

I received a request from Nina to make a comparison review about the Suesh flat top brush and the Ellana flat top brush from my hauls two weeks ago.

Back story:

I have wanted a flat top brush for a long time now since Maui demonstrated her Sonia Kashuk flat top brush with the HG of all foundations on my face and I was amazed! So looking for an alternative I decided to look for local ones.

The first one I saw that looked at par was at Suesh. Honestly I didn't get it right away, it was actually a few months after that I only got it. I was hindered with its price retailing at PHP800 it was too expensive for one brush alone. So determined that I'd find something cheaper I waited. So a couple of months later at the Ellana site i found they were selling the Flat top brush too and this time for only PHP400. I wanted to get it but I really wanted to see it before getting it. So I waited till I saw it to buy it.

I bought the Suesh Flat top Brush at the BPI sale at Megatent, they were on sale from PHP800 to PHP700. So PHP100 off not bad decided to get it. And then two days later at the Poveda Fair the booth next to me was selling Ellana minerals and Brushes. I saw the Ellana Flat top brush and was honestly shocked at its size. It was small! I wasn't gonna get it anymore since I was disappointed at its size. But I couldn't get over it I kept on coming back and forth to the booth to try out the brush. And in the end I got it for my own peace of mind! haha

So here it is:

Suesh Flat Top Brush

The Suesh Flat top brush is the perfect full sized brush. The bristles are about 1 inch in diameter and with 1 inch height.

This brush is perfect for liquid/cream foundation on the face. It gives smooth and even application.

Made from Synthetic Hairs it is dense enough to do the job well done.

Ellana Flat Top Brush

Honestly I was disappointed with its size. The size length of this brush is comparable to SEs of MAC brushes. Pretty small.

The diameter of the bristles is about 1.5cm x 1.5cm.

Although the brush is also very dense and like the Suesh brush, it will be best for smaller applications like under the eye, and is food for liquid and powder.

Suesh vs. Ellana


Suesh FTB has a fuller size better for whole face even application.
Ellana FTB is about half the size of Suesh, better for under the application.

Both Suesh and Ellana show the same quality of its synthetic bristles, very dense and soft on skin.

Suesh FTB PHP800 a little deep for the pocket but worth it.
Ellana FTB PHP400 affordable but i expected a bigger brush.

I have actually put both brushes to the test. The Suesh FTB i used to apply liquid foundation. it gave even application all over the face while the Ellana FTB i used to even out blending for under the eye concealer and foundation. I also used the Ellana FTB to apply highlighting powder under the eye.


The difference in size makes the uses of the FTB distinct from one another.

If you are looking for a FTB for foundation application I will go for the SUESH FTP but if you want one for precise application for under the eye or minerals the Ellana FTB is for you. Given the prices of each brush too, it's best to know what purpose you are buying the FTB for.

Toodles! :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Aicha's Pink Motif Giveaway! :)

Hi girlies! Time for another giveaway and this time it's from Aicha!

Here's what's at stake:

Here's what you can win:

be CREATION's Crayon 3-Colors Eye Shadow C3E (802)

Click for a larger picture!
I hope you'll like it! The first eyeshadow is a really nice maroon color, the second is such a cute pink shade! Super cute! And the last shade is a glittery white.

be CREATION's Crayon Cheek Color (CCH 802)
A really great peach color! I don't wanna swatch it because it means opening the plastic cover all over it and I don't like swatching stuff that other people will use. More surprise for the winner anyway! ^____^

be CREATION's Crayon False Eylashes
I've seen most of the ladies here put on false eyelashes and I myself wanted to try it but I have yet to learn how to put it on. Anyways this is for you ladies to enjoy, I just hope the winner mails me and tells me how it looks on her! I like this because it looks natural enough :)

BeautyCredit's Auto Lip Gloss OR07
I have this in the same color as well! And this is a really nice light pink gloss that has shimmery stuff, too. It makes your lips suuuper shiny and pretty. Its a nice enough gloss to wear everyday.

Your Heart and Mine Swarovski Earrings
This is what I've been waiting for to complete my giveaway! Finally I have it with me and I want to thank Kathleen for making this awesome pink heart earrings. It comes with a pink box to match the whole motif!

Lioele AC Trouble Hunter Toner and Face Lotion Trial Bottles
One of the Asian brands I like is Lioele! If you remember I like their Beyond the Solution BB Cream and when I ordered it it came with this trial bottles. I want you to get a chance to try it. Its super cute and tiny. AND PINK! Lol!

Here are the rules taen from Aicha's Blog:

First of all this is a Philippine-only giveaway, so I am mighty sorry for my friends who live outside my country. I really don't have enough to fork over for the shipping fee. But if you're from outside the country but you can provide me with a Philippine address (friends/relatives that can send you this little package) then by all means, I strongly encourage you to enter!
Giveaway ends on OCTOBER 30 12:00mn you guys! I hope I have at least 8 people who will join. I WILL DRAW THE WINNER VIA RANDOM.ORG IF I CAN LEARN HOW TO USE IT! HAHAHAH. I will announce the winner the very next day.

1. Follow me!
2. Post a this giveaway on your blog (nothing really fancy, just a little line along with your regular blog post is already awesome to encourage people to join in on the fun)
3. Comment me with your name and email, and answer this little question so I can get to know you a little bit better: DO YOU LIKE PINK? WHY? WHY NOT?

So what are you all waiting for head on to Aicha's blog to join!

Click HERE! :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Product Spotlight - Cold Wax

Here's a review on the cold wax by Armacology Sensi. My sister made this review but since we're both hairy this applies to me too! :)

For a girl, I have a bit too much hair on my arms. My mom always craved and ate balot when she was pregnant with me and they say that’s why I’m a bit too hairy. If you’re Filipino and understand the term “pinaglihi,” yes, pinaglihi ako sa balot. It sucks, because I really don’t like seeing that much fuzz on my arms. Thank goodness for hair removal means, because I wouldn’t know what to do without them!

I don’t shave my arms for fear that the hair will all grow back uglier and thicker. Instead, I wax. I’ve tried several types of wax in the market. From easy to use wax strips to hot wax, but I ditched those, because they either didn’t work well or were just too messy for my liking. Early this year, I finally found something that I really really loved:

What I love most about this wax, is how cost effective it is. You don’t need to buy expensive wax strips/cloths, just use plain paper. Yes, paper! Even scratch paper will work just as well!

Here’s a quick step-by-step visual to show you guys how easy it is to use:

Just scoop a small amount of the cold wax straight from the pot (yes, no heating required!) using a spatula. A little goes a long way!

Apply a thin layer of the wax in the direction of the hair growth. See how long my arm hairs are? Haha!

Lay a strip of paper over the wax and rub in the same direction as the hair growth.

With a swift motion, pull the paper back against the growth of the hair.

Tada! Check out all that hair! =P

Repeat several times covering the entire arm. Afterward, clean the skin with a warm moist towel to remove excess wax.

Look ma, no hair! =D

See how fast and easy that was? :) I can enjoy several weeks of hairless arms with this baby! Plus, it’s only selling at the affordable price of Php215! That’s only about $4.50USD! It’s definitely the perfect salon treatment in the comfort of your own home. I just love it! :)

To enjoy other spa treatments in the comfort of your own home (no eye creams though!), do hop on to www.revitalizespa.multiply.com . Click HERE! :)

Original post taken from http://daily.optimystique.net/

Friday, October 23, 2009

Under the sea inspired NOTD + Week of Shooting

Today after a very long morning at Comelec, I hung out at Meg's had coffee and later in the evening went to the nail spa with Maui. We were both so tired and almost fell asleep while we were having our Manicures and Pedicures.

We both wanted to have Nail Stamping done so here's my Under the sea inspired NOTD.

I had a teal blue polish as base and silver stamping on each nail.

I love it! I really hope it lasts me at least a week! hahaha :)

Now here are a couple of pictures from the commercial shoot last tuesday and my friend's short film last Wednesday.

Me, Meg and Ivan

Doing Sheys' Bridal Make up for the Short Film. (This was taken post shoot already thus the shiny-ness)

Ivan and Sheys I did Ivan's make up too since he wanted to look Flawless haha

Busy busy crazy week!

I am sorry I know i promised to do a Suesh Flat top brush comparison with the Elana Flat top brush post, however time wasn't on my side this week. So I do hope to have that accomplished next week! :)

Toodles! :)

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